Majestic Global Logistics Network (MGLN) is a non-exclusive network of independent freight forwarders and international logistics companies. MGLN agents are carefully recruited to ensure all members benefits from each other business and services.

MGLN Family member’s are like minded and have a common goal to grow the network by supporting one another. We believe in personalized approach to our members. Understanding our member requirements and helping them to utilize the network to their maximum advantage is one of the MGLN management’s primary objectives.

We seek medium-sized agents with aggressive commercial team, who run progressive companies, have strong knowledge in their local market and have reliable financial background.

We ensure all our members attend annual meetings not only to build opportunities for their business but also to unwind and strengthen the bond and friendship between the MGLN family members.

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How to be our member?

In order to become MGLN members, applicants have to provide references of companies with whom they’ve worked. These reference checks are carried out for assessing the financial ability, operational capability, mutual sales development, and communication skills. Companies who pass this process only can be offered membership in our group. This is only for the betterment of the network and to ensure quality members are taken on board.

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